Xpand Fabric

A large display wall that can easily be set up in minutes; these are the perfect choice for short, quick events.

Your image is printed on fabric that is fastened on the product.  This means you do not need to attach your image to the product each time you set it up.  As you set up, your image is automatically stretched to a smooth surface.  When needed, the image is easily replaced, as Velcro® is used to attach the graphic.

  1. Suitable for quick, shot events – perfect as backdrop
  2. Set it up in one minute
  3. Unnecessary to attach any image to the product
  4. Two different shapes (straight and curved)
    1. Sizes: There are a variety of standard sizes available
        1. 59 1/16” – 147 5/8” (150-375 cm)
        2. 88 9/16” – 118 1/8” (225-300 cm)
        3. Weight: 11 lbs. (5kg)

Your image is printed on fabric that stretches to form a completely smooth surface.  The printed fabric is fixed to the structure with Velcro®, even when the display is folded and stored.