We offer a full range of finishing, depending on your needs.  The finishing provides two main functions: to create an overall clean appearance, and then providing you with the means to hang or attach your prints.



Velcro® comes in both white and black.  We offer a sewn version, as well as an adhesive- backed version.  Upon request, we can provide an adhesive-backed mate for easy installation on hanging structures.  We keep 1-2” Velcro® widths in our inventory, yet other sizes are available upon request.

Pipe Pocket

A “pocket” is a section on material that has been folded over and sewn.  The sides are left open, creating a “sleeve”, as on a shirt, so that a pipe or pole for rigging can be inserted through it.  Please give us a call and let us know what pole size (in diameter) will be used, and we will assist you in selecting the correctly sized pocket.

Hidden Grommets and Ties

This type of finishing you mostly find on stage rigging, but it can be used for a multitude of difficult installations.  We then insert a tie-line thru the grommets and sew it to the back of your backdrop.  This leaves ties coming off of the back, allowing one to tie the material to virtually anything.

Hem and Grommets

This is the most common finishing technique for banners and backdrops, and certainly as reliable as it is durable.  We fold between 1 to 2” of material over, hem it, and then punch grommets through it.  Grommets come in brass, silver, or flat black finishes.

Standard Hem

A finishing technique in which we fold over an amount of material and run stitches lengthwise.  This provides a nice clean finish, and prevents the material from fraying or falling apart